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How VNA Clinicians Can Help Their Patients Make the Best Choices

As of May 3, all Medicare beneficiaries can voluntarily enroll in a Medicare discount drug card plan, expected to provide Medicare patients an estimated 10-25% savings on prescription drugs. While the new Medicare drug card is not for everyone, it may provide some much needed assistance in reducing the financial burden on patients using prescription drugs.

Between May 3, 2004, and January 1, 2006, beneficiaries will be confronted with hundreds of advertisements via the Internet, TV, radio and mail about the new Medicare-approved drug cards, cost-savings and cost-sharing information, and covered and non-covered drugs.

However, your patients may be too ill to determine whether the card might help them, or they may not have access to the information needed to make these decisions. Knowledge of the Discount Drug Cards is especially important for low-income beneficiaries who may be eligible for a $600 credit on their card in addition to a discount and waiver of the card cost.

VNAA understands that VNA clinicians will most likely receive many questions from their patients. Undoubtedly, the questions will cover a wide range of issues. The federal government has put together some very helpful information to assist clinicians and patients understand the new benefit, their options, and how to proceed with enrollment. This Center has been designed to place the information available on the web right at your fingertips, all in one site, just for VNA clinicians and home health aides.

Clinicians and patients can also call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or go to for assistance.

A Clinician's Q & A on the Medicare Drug Cards

Train the TrainerTrain the Trainer workshop Materials!
Do your clinicians know how to tell an approved card from a fraudulent one? Do they know about the $600 drug subsidy for low-income beneficiaries? Can they tell their patients where to get more information, or how to actually enroll once theyxve selected a card?

Access to Benefits Coalition
ABC has developed a powerful Web-based decision support tool to help beneficiaries, as well as family caregivers and organizations who wish to help them in understanding, applying and enrolling in the best Medicare-approved drug discount card.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Educational materials for Medicare physicians and other health care professionals - geared toward explaining the fundamental elements of the Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Cards and Transitional Assistance Program

Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Card Tip Sheet - A good step-by-step guide for those who are helping beneficiaries to choose a card (2 pages).

Drug Price Comparison Internet Tool: This site features eligibility, enrollment, and price comparison information for each available drug discount card; state pharmacy assistance programs; and a tool to help beneficiaries determine the best savings program based on their prescription drugs.

Online Software - Benefits CheckUp Organizational Edition is a Web-based client screening tool for organizations that assist seniors and their caregivers, from the National Council on the Aging.

Information for Your Patients

CMS Enrollment Forms

Introducing Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Cards

Choosing a Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Card - 36 -page booklet providing more detailed information.

Drug Price Comparison Information - Price comparison tool showing which discount cards are available in a particular zip code, with comparisons of specific drug prices under each approved card (updated every Monday morning).

Drug Discount Card Enrollment Tip Sheet - This tip sheet tells you how to enroll for a Medicare-approved drug discount card once you know which card you want. (2 pages).

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