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IVNA Takes a Different Approach to Flu Vaccination

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Flu Shot? I’ll Have Mine To Go
IVNA Takes a Different Approach to Flu Vaccination

This past October, the Instructive Visiting Nurse Association of Richmond, Virginia held its second annual “Flu Thru” drive-up influenza vaccination clinic.

The event was designed to accommodate individuals who have difficulty getting in and out of a car, including wheel chair bound individuals. As cars drove into the parking lot of IVNA, volunteers screened individuals and explained the consent and Medicare roster forms. The cars were then directed towards a nurse station where patients received a flu shot.

Plenty of parking spaces were available for cars to pull in and wait for 15 minutes after the injection. During the wait, individuals could enjoy apple cider and doughnuts. The Virginia State Police and Henrico County Police Department were also on hand to provide free VIN etchings for vehicles, a safety measure against car theft.

The Flu Thru was an effective program for IVNA, in large part because costs were so effectively contained. Staffers and others involved volunteered their own personal time to staff the clinic.

Lisa Davey, Program Development Director of IVNA, said that she would recommend this type of immunization program to agencies that provide services to handicapped and elderly patients. “While we encourage this program for those individuals,” said Davey “most people came for the convenience.” Over 300 individuals came for the novelty and convenience of receiving a flu shot in their car and connecting with members of their community.

The Flu Thru was so successful last year that many other groups in the area are now offering similar clinics, so don’t let your competition get ahead of you on this innovative immunization program. Start planning one now!

IVNA was established in 1900 and is the largest freestanding, non-for-profit home health agency serving the residents of Richmond and the surrounding areas. Under the leadership of their President & CEO Charlene Peters, IVNA’s mission is to provide health care to the community of Central Virginia regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

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