Millions Eligible for new Medicare Drug Card

Starting June 1, 2004, new Medicare Prescription Drug Cards became available to millions of Americans. Medicare beneficiaries will be inundated with contradictory press stories and advertising from more than 70 Medicare-approved discount drug cards, all while trying to select the one card that is best for them. Many VNA patients will look to their clinicians for guidance.

Are your clinicians ready for this new Medicare era?

Do your clinicians know how to tell an approved card from a fraudulent one? Do they know about the $600 drug subsidy for low-income beneficiaries? Can they tell their patients where to get more information, or how to actually enroll once they’ve selected a card?

Train your VNA clinical staff now! We’ll show you how.

VNAA has developed a Train the Trainer program so VNAs can quickly and efficiently train clinical staff on the new Medicare Drug Card Program. Click on a session date in the Workshop Schedule above, and sign up now for a 90 minute teleconference call. When you are done with the teleconference session, you’ll have the knowledge and materials to train your entire clinical staff on the new Prescription Drug Card Program.

Sponsored by an educational grant from Pfizer, Inc.

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