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VNAA The Voice of Home Healthcare

Membership Overview - The One Voice for VNAs!

VNAA has a vision for its members!

  • To be leaders in the most significant sector of the health care industry: home health
  • To affect change in regulations and legislation that supports VNAs and their mission
  • To achieve prominence as a comprehensive national network, ensuring service excellence through national standards
  • To anticipate and respond to changes in the marketplace with innovative use of full-service technology
  • To remain driven by a core value: serving patients by putting their needs first

VNAA: A Powerful Network and Invaluable Resource for members

  • Networking through interactive VNA-only listserves
  • "Find a VNA" provides consumers with a free and easy way to find a nearby VNA
  • Legislative leadership and advocacy
  • Regulatory interpretation and guidance
  • Purchasing and third party payer contracts
  • Business partnerships with major corporations
  • Wellness, immunization and disease prevention programs
  • On-line education and resources

Join us to bring VNAs together...

You can be independent and community-focused but you don’t have to go it alone

VNAA: What makes us different?

  • VNAA is the one voice for VNAs!
  • VNAA fights to advance legislative positions that may be unique to the VNA model of home health care.
  • VNAA offers an array of programs encouraging wellness, immunization and disease prevention.
  • VNAA provides a networking mechanism for you to share with other VNA leaders.
  • VNAA provides members with a variety of education programs in response to industry needs and changes.
  • VNAA opens doors to corporate and managed care contracts and revenue generating programs.
  • VNAA can assist you in strengthening your mission within the community.
  • VNAA members are not-for-profit, community based agencies that share the common goal of providing efficient, compassionate and cost-effective home health care.

You are not alone. Share with your VNA colleagues and build for your future using your past.

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