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What Is A VNA?

For more than 100 years, Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) have been providing home health care to the communities they serve. VNAs made a critical difference in the late 1800s providing home-based care for the homebound, the impoverished, the frail elderly and children at-risk.

In this new century, not-for-profit VNAs continue their unparalleled selfless tradition by offering quality of life and independence to all Americans through comprehensive home health care.

Today, guided by their charitable missions, VNAs care for nearly 10 million people annually.

VNAs provide home health care for patients of all ages - from infants to elderly. They are the educators of disease prevention and health promotion. Physicians are confident when referring to VNAs because of the their quality standards and clinical excellence. Patients are extremely satisfied with the care they receive from VNAs as shown by a 99 percent customer satisfaction rating.

With their long history of providing quality care, VNAs are recognized as an important community resource and are governed by voluntary boards of directors. This community-based board ensures that the VNA addresses the specific health care needs of their locale.

The role of VNAs is more important than ever as patients spend less time in the hospital, the population continues to age and the demand for home health care increases. To meet demands, VNAs' expertly trained clinical staff use the latest technology available to deliver comprehensive quality care.

The services of VNAs are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, most third party payers and tax-deductible charitable contributions.

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