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President's Message


Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is the official national association for Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) in this country. We are the one voice for VNAs. Many people ask me why the VNAs have a national association exclusively for them. I need only look to the VNAs for the answer.

For more than a century, Visiting Nurse Associations have delivered quality care throughout the United States, setting a standard of excellence. Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) were founded with a mission to provide efficient, compassionate and cost-effective home health care. Today the VNAs continue to fulfill this mission by serving more than 4 million individuals a year in urban and rural areas.

Representing nearly half of all not-for-profit home health care organizations in the nation, the VNAs perform a unique and vital role. They serve the sickest and poorest patients, many of who are not served by for-profit agencies. They provide a wide range of health services, including educational programs and disease prevention clinics. They collaborate with government agencies, other non-profit and health care providers to meet the needs of their communities and patients. They give the elderly, the disabled and the chronically or terminally ill the dignity of care in their own homes.

When I began as President and CEO of VNAA, I embarked on a journey to put VNAs back on the road to financial recovery. My primary goal has been to help ensure the financial viability of VNAs throughout the country. There are two reasons why this goal is so important:

  • VNAA wants to ensure the continuation of VNAs’ century-old mission to serve all individuals in need of home health care regardless of their ability to pay; and
  • A strong national membership association with all VNAs as members would help us restore VNAs as the predominant providers of home health care in this country.

To achieve this goal, I have focused the resources of our association to four areas: national image, business development, member services and government advocacy. Because the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA’97) was the primary perpetrator of our financial challenges, VNAA has taken aggressive action during the past few years to improve VNAs’ reimbursement.

Now more then ever, the VNAs need to join together to strengthen each other individually and collectively. I personally invite you to join the one association whose sole purpose and missions is to support, promote and advance VNAs in their mission to serve their communities.


Carolyn S. Markey, RN
President and Chief Executive Officer
Visiting Nurse Associations of America

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