Legislative and Policy
Legislative and Policy

Congress Awards $200,000 to VNAA to Establish "Best Practices Clearinghouse"

2004 Legislative Position Papers

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Natick/VNA Program Helps Consumers Secure Prescription Drug Discounts

CDC: Interim Influenza Vaccination Recommendations, 2004-05 Influenza Season


Financial Managers Group
The Financial Managers group(FMG) is a forum for CFOs, VPs Finance, controllers and all financial managers to...

Michigan Meningitis Shot Parties
Shot Parties are a great way for VNAs to make a positive contribution to their community and their bottom line.

Des Moines VNA Scores High with DNA Test
DNA testing, once the stuff of futuristic Hollywood movies and high-profile criminal trials, may soon be coming to a VNA near you...

It has been estimated that 60% of all human infections are caused by viruses. They are the simplest, yet least understood of all the microbes. Howeve...
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Debridement is the intentional removal of necrotic tissue, cellular debris or foreign material from a wound bed...
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Nursing Procedure Manual

This new edition has been completely revised with updated nursing policies and procedures in every chapter.

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