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Simple ways to help prevent the flu:

Vaccination Is More Important Than Ever
This flu season, for the first time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) increased the recommended ages for children to get vaccinated against the flu. The CDC now recommends all healthy children six months to five years old get vaccinated. The CDC also now recommends vaccinations for people in frequent contact with children six months to five years old to help prevent the spread of the flu. This means mom and dad, brothers, sisters and grandparents, too.


Sing & Scrub
Make sure kids wash their hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. That's the time it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song twice. That will clean off any germs that they may unknowingly pick up throughout the day and keep them from passing them on.


Do the Elbow Cough
Cough into elbows, not hands where it's more likely to spread bacteria and viruses through touch.


Disinfect Hot Spots
Disinfect the surfaces kids touch most frequently with disinfecting products.


Follow Good Health Guidelines
Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. That will help boost your immune system which is your body's way of fighting off the effects of colds and flu.


Handwashing Chart
It is extremely important to have excellent handwashing techniques, this is especially important for children. Taking the time to wash your hands properly helps reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the flu virus. The Handwashing Reward Chart is an easy and fun way to teach your kids lifelong handwashing habits. All you need to do is write your child's name at the top of the chart and you're ready to get started. Check out this easy to read Handwashing Chart now!

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