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The VNAA office is located in the heart of Washington, DC. The VNAA is a national association that supports, promotes and advocates for community-based, nonprofit home health and hospice providers that care for all individuals regardless of complexity of condition or ability to pay. Home healthcare and hospice providers fill the gaps in our imperfect healthcare system and provide an intelligent, cost-effective alternative to the rapidly rising costs of hospitals and nursing homes. They provide a variety of healthcare services to communities including home health, hospice, immunization, and maternal and child health. For more than 100 years, VNAs have been providing home healthcare to the communities they serve. VNAA has a membership base of around 160 different agencies ranging in size from three clinicians to over 12,000 employees. Learn more about the VNAA's mission and history. Also take a look at the VNAA's Strategic Plan for the next five years to better understand the direction of our organization.

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Web and Communications Manager - Posted May 1, 2012

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