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Contact Congress

CongressWeb - Take Action NOW via Letters and Email - Prepared for You!

Write your legislators with a click of a button - send prepared letters and emails via CongressWeb. All you have to do is input your name and address, preview and personalize the message!

What is CongressWeb?
It is a powerful advocacy tool that facilitates grassroots communications to Congress and the Administration and ultimately helps you get involved with nonprofit home healthcare and hospice public policy initiatives. View current issues, bills of importance, legislators' contact information and quickly send prepared letters/emails to your legislator.

Contact Your Legislators

VNAA encourages you to develop relationships with your Senators and Representatives and to be in frequent contact with legislators' Healthcare Legislative Assistants. We urge you to send emails and/or faxes to Legislative Assistants and follow-up with a phone call. Postal-mail to Capitol Hill is delayed by four to six days for security screening.

Congressional Schedule and Recesses

Congress has regular recesses, which are times when legislators typically return to their home state or districts. Generally, recesses coincide with federal holidays, and during the month of August. Congressional recesses are an ideal time to schedule a meeting with your legislator or to ask them to come on a home visit or to visit your agency. Schedule meetings far in advance to maximize your chance of an in-person meeting. Often, healthcare legislative assistants will still be in the district during recesses, so try to meet with them as well. View the current Congressional Schedules.

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