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The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) joins hundreds of organizations across the country in celebrating National Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Week, second week in May, by recognizing the importance of visiting nurse agencies and home healthcare and hospice providers who deliver high-quality, affordable care to elderly and disabled patients in the home and community setting.

VNA Week is May 6-12, 2012

2012 National VNA Week Appreciation Promotions Kit:

To help you celebrate National VNA Week within your community and with your staff, VNAA has developed the following materials. Be sure and follow VNAA and our members on our various social media accounts for updates during VNA Week, click here.

* 2012 Key Messages and Fact Sheet

Key messages and facts about National VNA Week.

Download now.

* 2012 National VNA Week 8 x 11 Poster

Print and hang up this poster in your community, business, agency, hospital and other high traffic areas to raise awareness.

Download Poster - High Resolution Print Version

2012 National VNA Week Web Icons

Below are two icons that you can put on your Website, Blogs or social media sites to raise awareness of National VNA Week. Simply copy the code below of the logo that works best for your Web page and paste it in the location you want the logo to appear. If you have trouble contact [email protected]



* 2012 Other Ways to Celebrate National VNA Week

Here is a list of some suggested ways to celebrate, honor and raise awareness about the VNAs in your area.
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* Top 10 List Handout

Download, print and pass out this Top 10 List of ways to celebrate National VNA Week!
Download the Top 10 List now!

* Videos of a Few Outstanding Nurses

View 2011 VNAA Clinician of Year Video
View 2011 VNAA Program Manager of the Year Video
View 2011 VNAA Administrator of the Year Video
View 2011 VNAA Individual Care Provider of the Year Video
View 2011 VNAA Agency Board Member of the Year Video

* Guide to Working with the Media

Helpful tricks and tips for working with the media and promoting National VNA Week.
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* 2012 Sample Press Release

Sample press release to customize and tailor to your agencies needs and distribute.
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* 2012 Sample Pitch Letter

Pitch National VNA Week to the media in your community - downloadable and customizable. Also, add your agency's stats about the community you serve.
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* 2012 Mayor Proclamation Guide

Make it official in your community - reach out to your mayor! A letter and sample proclamation that can be can customized.
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* 2012 Ways to Get Board Members Involved

A list of ways to get your Board of Directors involved in the promotion of this week!
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