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VNAA Nursing Procedure Manual, 2008-2009 Edition

"The manual is the corner stone for all our visiting staff. It provides step by step guidance to staff when performing procedures in the field. It is a resource for staff when performing tasks that are infrequently done, and for staff new to homecare it gives them the basis to evaluate their skills that they've used in the past and gives them direction for the delivery of services in the home." -Toni Sweitzer, Health Care Management's Education Director

Nursing Procedure ManualThe VNAA Nursing Procedure Manual (NPM) is recognized nationally by visiting nurse agencies, home health and hospice agencies as well as accreditation organizations and consultants as the leading procedure manual for home healthcare and hospice. A VNAA panel of expert nurse clinicians and consultants routinely reviews and updates these procedures on a biennial basis, ensuring that the highest clinical standards are met.

The NPM is designed expressly for home health and hospice clinicians and is organized according to body systems, general nursing practice, age appropriate care and clinical programs. Available in paper and electronic formats, the NPM features more than 900 pages of content covering nursing and home health aide procedures to support care of the patient in the home environment

Table of Contents for 2008-2009 Manual:

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Sample Chapters for 2008-2009 NPM:

A few sample chapters include:

    * Cardiovascular
    * Endocrine
    * Gastrointestinal
    * Genitourinary
    * Infection Control
    * Medications
    * Nutrition
    * Pediatrics
    * Respiratory

Download 2008-2009 Nursing Procedure Manual sample chapters to see how the manual is set up.

Section 8.11 - Medications - Intradermal Injection Administration
Section 8.12 - Medications - Intradermal Lidocaine Administration
Section 8.13 - Medications - Intramuscular Injection Administration

New and Improved:

The new and improved 2008-2009 Nursing Procedure Manual includes major changes in the Genitourinary, Skin Care and Cardiovascular sections.

    *New additions for product use
    *Improved immunization schedules and growth charts
    *New information on Colostomy/Ileostomy Appliance Application
    *Changes throughout Endocrine, Respiratory and Medication sections
    *New procedures including: safe use of the Gait Belt, handling of infectious medical waste, the use of Anti-Embolic Stockings, use of Ultrasonic Doppler plus numerous changes to existing procedures
    *Updated Infection Control section


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