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President's Message

Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is the official national association for nonprofit, community-based Visiting Nurse Agencies (VNAs) and home healthcare providers. For more than a century, VNAs have delivered high-quality care throughout the United States, setting a standard of excellence. VNAs were founded with a mission to provide efficient, compassionate and cost-effective home healthcare. Today, VNAs continue to fulfill this mission by serving more than 4 million individuals a year in urban and rural areas.

As CEO of VNAA, I pledge another year of energetic effort to build the best homecare delivery system in the world. As I look to the future and contemplate my priorities, I am making one key assumption - VNAs will remain as dedicated to your mission and to your patients as you have been for more than a century.

With this assumption in place, VNAA will be working to create a climate and framework for your continued success. Toward that end, and reflecting guidance from the Board of Directors, we will focus our energies on four major initiatives:

  • Redoubling our support for legislative and regulatory advocacy;

  • Enhancing the visibility and image of VNAs;

  • Improving your operating margins by expanding our existing member service, business development and group purchasing programs; and,

  • Delivering educational programming that helps improve the quality of care you provide.

As you continue to go forward and carry out your mission, remember this - VNAA, as your association, will first and foremost be your advocate. While you implement forward-looking strategies to be the best, VNAA will be telling the world that the VNAs of this country will transform American healthcare. We will be announcing your dedication to high-quality and highly-valued home healthcare. We will be introducing you to previously unimaginable opportunities for meeting the current and future needs and wants of aging Americans. And, most importantly, we will be making the case that your contributions to the healthcare delivery system are truly invaluable and worth a confirmed investment for decades to come.

Now more then ever, VNAs need to join together to strengthen each other individually and collectively. I personally invite you to join the one association whose sole purpose and mission is to support, promote and advance VNAs in their mission to serve their communities.

Andy Carter
President and Chief Executive Officer
Visiting Nurse Associations of America

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