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"The VNAA Annual Meeting) pre-conference, plenary and breakout sessions were pertinent and well done...My opinion is that I will be able to utilize my take-aways to affect better patient care and outcomes, continue to investigate new program development, as well as maintain a healthy financial perspective of our agency. Of course the opportunity that the conference provides for networking among our peers is a critical piece in order to keep connected with like minded colleagues around our mission driven business."

- Mary Zagajeski, MS, RN, COS-C

"Thank you for being part of a great network of people that can always be relied on for information, support and encouragement."

- a VNA member CEO

"Using VNAA Preferred Vendors has been a lifesaver - not only for my Agency's budget - but also for the security in knowing VNAA's strong relationships with the vendors."

- a grateful VNAA member

"I feel very confident in the knowledge and reputation of the VNAA staff on legislative affairs - it is reassuring knowing there is always a voice fighting for the nonprofit home care providers."

- a thankful VNAA member

"This Advocacy Conference provided us (Christiana Care VNA) with a current understanding of the health-related issues and the outlook that prevails inside the beltway; with some great speakers to learn from; it provided a chance to network with may outstanding VNA colleagues; and finally to spend time on the hill - to brief and to listen to the concerns of those who represent us in Washington, DC."

- Lynn Jones, CEO of Christiana Care VNA

"I think the recent VNAA weekly newsletters have been terrific -- a fountain of information."

- Penny H. Feldman, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Research and Evaluation, Director, Center for Home Care Policy and Research, Visiting Nurse Service Of NY and VNAA member (June 2010)

"As we approach the VNAA Public Policy Leadership Conference, I'd like to extend my thanks and congratulations for the unbelievable amount of work that you (VNAA staff) have done on behalf of our member agencies. The follow-up was so detailed and well done; even making a first timer like me feel that I can maneuver my way through the maze of Capitol Hill without too much difficulty. I just need to say that one more time VNAA exemplified what support and advocacy really means!"

- Dominican Sisters Family Health Service CEO

"Love your Website ( and visit it often for ideas and information for my nurses."

- a grateful VNAA member

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