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Frequently Asked Questions -- Membership

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related specifically to VNAA membership. If after reviewing this page you still have unanswered questions, do no hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

What is VNAA?

Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is a national association that supports, promotes and advocates for community-based, nonprofit home health and hospice providers that care for all individuals regardless of complexity of condition or ability to pay. VNAA is the only national organization focused exclusively on nonprofit home healthcare and hospice providers.  Our mission is to support, promote and advance the nation's network of nonprofit, community-based home healthcare organizations that provide cost-effective and compassionate care to some of the nation's most vulnerable individuals, particularly the elderly and individuals with disabilities. VNAA provides members who are located in all regions of the U.S. with legislative and regulatory advocacy and advice, networking and information-sharing opportunities, and the products, resources and the support they need to accomplish their nonprofit business goals. 

Where is VNAA located?

The national VNAA office is located at 900 19th St, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC, 20006.

Does VNAA provide medical services?

No, VNAA does not provide medical services but many of our members do.  Every VNAA Affiliate Member agency does provide home healthcare services, and many of our member agencies provide additional services such as hospice and palliative care, immunization clinics, personal emergency response systems, and many others.  To locate the nonprofit home healthcare agency near you and inquire about their services, please use our "Find a VNA" tool.

Who can become a member of VNAA?

VNAA has three distinct membership categories, they are:

  1. Affiliate Members - To qualify for Affiliate Membership, you must be a nonprofit, free-standing home health or hospice agency. These are the core members of VNAA.
  2. Associate Members - Associate Members are companies or organizations who provide home health or hospice related products or services, and who share a common interest with VNAA and the Affiliate Member.
  3. Individual Members - These are individuals who want to support VNAA in its mission to promote and advance home healthcare or hospice, and who are not associated with an agency that would qualify for Affiliate or Associate membership.

What are the benefits of VNAA Membership?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of VNAA. These include education opportunities, legislative and regulatory updates and access, networking within a community of peers, product discounts and the knowledge that you are supporting the only national organization devoted exclusively to nonprofit home healthcare and hospice. For more information about VNAA membership, please visit our Benefits Web page.

How many members does VNAA have?

VNAA has approximately 160 members (May 2011).  Our exact membership number changes frequently as we continue to grow, contact VNAA's Membership Team for an exact count. The VNAA represents over 90,000 clinicians who serve over 4 million patients annually. 

How can I join VNAA?

You can download the appropriate Member Application here. Or you can contact our Membership Team, who will answer any questions you may have and provide you with a membership application.

Are there any scholarships or dues reduction options for my agency?

Currently VNAA does not offer any dues reductions for any members. Our dues are based on agency net patient revenue, so that each agency is responsible for a proportional and reasonable investment in VNAA.

We do allow an Affiliate Member to pay their dues quarterly. To set up quarterly payments, simply remit ¼ of your agency’s yearly dues with the invoice received from VNAA, you will receive quarterly invoices for the remainder of the year. 

Does VNAA have a job board, or system to connect agencies with potential new hires?

The VNAA has partnered with in support of a VNAA Web-based Career Center. The VNAA's Career Center allows you to search for nonprofit home healthcare jobs as well as post jobs related to your particular agency. Another great resource if you are an individual looking for a position at a VNA, would be the VNAA's "Find a VNA" feature as you can contact your local agencies directly.

Where can I find an organization that provides home-maker services (cooking, cleaning, shopping, companion services, etc) and/or sells medical supplies such as walkers, crutches, etc?

A good place to start is your local nonprofit home healthcare provider, "Find a VNA". Many of our member agencies also provide home-maker services and can facilitate the purchase of durable medical equipment, and if they cannot they will likely be able to refer you to a local provider who can assist you.

Staff Information

To discuss VNAA membership, please contact our Member Services Team:

Shane Boyle, Director of Membership and Events, 202-384-1451 or [email protected].

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