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The VNAA's Clinical Resources Center provide one-stop shopping for online tools and training resources to increase your knowledge in the home healthcare and hospice industries.

Nursing Procedure Manual: The VNAA Nursing Procedure Manual (NPM) is a nationally recognized procedure manual for home healthcare and hospice professionals that is an indispensable staff resource to improve quality and clinical practice in home health agencies. For more information or to order your manuals now, click here.

Chronic Care Clearinghouse (CCC): This resource center provides homecare clinicians with a single source of chronic care management information. It offers best practices and models designed specifically for homecare professionals to help patients reach their optimal health and functional ability. Visit

Immunization Resource Center: As community immunizers, VNAs provide a key public health service through a wide range of activities. They conduct flu and travel health clinics, serve as front line responders for a pandemic outbreak, and provide public education regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccinations.

Career and Job Search Resource Center:The home healthcare and hospice field is a growing area of need and is poised to offer the appropriate and customized approach to serving this segment of healthcare delivery. They also offer all your career and job search resource needs. Click here...

Educational Teleconferences/Webinars:VNAA's education calendar includes up-to-date industry teleconferences and Webinars, which provide convenience for member participation by eliminating the need for travel while still maintaining VNAA's high standard of educational excellence. View the listing of upcoming Teleconferences/Webinars. Also be sure to view past teleconferences/Webinars to

VNAA Listservs: Have a question? Don’t wait for an answer; reach out to fellow VNAA Affiliate Members with the members-only listservs.  VNAA has established listservs as a way for members to share best practices, ask questions, and discuss current "hot topics" in home healthcare. Sign-up now!

Home Healthcare Nurse Magazine: All members are automatically signed-up to receive the Home Healthcare Nurse magazine full of up-to-date resources for all clinicians. As the official Journal of the VNAA, each member agency receives a complimentary subscription. Additional copies can be purchased.

Say "Boo!" to the Flu Families Fighting Flu, Visiting Nurse Associations of America and The Clorox Company teamed up for the Say "Boo!" to the Flu program, a national campaign to increase the number of families vaccinated nationwide

Interest Groups: An interest group is a collection of administrators or staff from Affiliate Members who meet regularly via teleconference to discuss issues specific to their interest group topic. The topical issues change every month; these teleconferences are a great way to explore in-depth information and fresh insights from other VNAA Affiliate Members. View the listing of interest groups you can join.

Home Health/Hospice Aide Education and In-Service Resources
Two aide-specific resources, A Handbook for Caregiving at Home (Aide Handbook) and Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care: Instructor Manual (IM), offer a comprehensive training program and ongoing education for your home health aides - The Aide Handbook is used by hundreds of home health and hospice organizations to assist in care and documentation, retention and competency of aides - truly the "eyes and ears" of the home or hospice care team. The IM offers lesson plans, a competency assessment checklist, evidenced-based resources, practice case scenarios, a test bank of 150 test questions, certificates, and much, much, more! Visit for more information. Let them know you are a VNAA member and get a special gift!

Traveler's Health: Advance your knowledge and training in the area of Travel Healthcare and/or start a new line of business in Travel Health. As international travel expands, nurses have an opportunity to master the knowledge and skills to provide customized and up-to-date pre-travel care in their communities. Click here...

Pandemic Influenza Preparation Guide: First distributed via printed copy to members in 2007, this guide was created in response to the avian influenza outbreak at that time. It is no longer available in print, but many of the guidelines are timeless pandemic preparedness recommendations applicable today. For more information, click here. The VNAA, in partnership with the National Pain Foundation (NPF) and the National Council on Aging (NCOA), announced the re-launch of, an online resource offering tools and information to help educate consumers about shingles and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), or after-shingles pain, its impact on people's lives and steps to take to help manage the conditions.

Wound & Skin Care Resource Center: A non-healing wound is no longer an acceptable fate for home health patients, and wound closure is no longer a distant hope for their clinicians.

Germ Protection Center: In 2007 and 2008, VNAA created a monthly online column that provided clinicians and patients with educational information on microorganisms. The work done is still up online and can be found by clicking here. These germs have not been updated since 2008. More than 25 microorganisms were examined. A few of the microorganisms in this resource center included: Avian Influenza, Candida, E.coli, Herpes, Norovirus, Rotovirus, Staphylococcus, West Nile Virus and many others.

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