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VNAA Encouraged by Fraud & Abuse Measures in President's 2011 Budget but Disappointed with Assumed Medicare Cuts

WASHINGTON, DC - February 4, 2010 - The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is encouraged by the strengthened Medicare anti-fraud and abuse measures included in President Obama's proposed budget for FY 2011 released on Monday, February 1. However, serious concerns remain regarding how much Medicare home health and hospice will be cut to achieve the $150 billion in assumed savings over ten years.

"VNAA has been a leader in recommending straightforward policies to reduce fraud and abuse in the Medicare home health benefit, ultimately saving Medicare significant costs," stated Andy Carter, VNAA President and CEO. "VNAA is encouraged by the provisions in the President's budget related to eliminating improper Medicare payments and closing loopholes. This type of targeted action rather than across-the-board cuts, which harm legitimate home health and hospice providers along with the bad actors, is the right direction to take."

VNAA has serious concerns with the FY 2011 budget's assumed savings of $150 billion over ten years, a considerable portion of which is likely derived from the Medicare program. It is unclear if the budget assumes savings from the level of Medicare home health cuts proposed in the Senate healthcare reform bill ($39.4 billion over ten years) or the House bill ($54.7 billion over ten years) or some compromise between the two.

"We are extremely disappointed again with the high level of home health and hospice cuts assumed in the President's proposed budget. While we await details, all we can do now is continue fighting for a more moderate approach to these across-the-board cuts that threaten access to home healthcare, especially for vulnerable, low-income, high-complexity patients served by nonprofit providers," stated Carter.


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