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Message from VNAA President and CEO

Dear Donor:

Imagine a healthcare system where patients are treated with dignity in their own homes.

Imagine your parents or grandparents resting quietly in their own bed in their own room, in their own home, gaining health and wellness as a result of direct care and treatment.

Imagine the peace and comfort of knowing your parents or grandparents are safe and secure in their home while they receive therapy, transfusions, or any other specialty care needed for their health and healing.

You need not imagine any longer as that is precisely what visiting nurses offer.

The VNAA is the national association of nonprofit visiting nurse agencies and home healthcare providers. Our members are located in 35 states across the country and deliver over 35 million home visits annually. Homecare is where our members thrive. It is through the compassionate care they provide where their skills and talents are best offered.

Many of our members have been providing home healthcare for over 100 years and several agencies have celebrated 100th anniversaries across the country. Won't you help keep the profession alive for at least another 100 years? Give to the VNAA and help us help our members gain important strides in delivering high-quality home healthcare to the millions of patients who desire to stay in their own homes for their treatment and healing process.

We have many battles ahead with Congress--securing adequate reimbursement and coverage of many home care treatments from Medicare. Ensuring adequate educational opportunities for nurses who desire to become home healthcare clinicians and to offer loan forgiveness as they invest in future skills and knowledge--these are but a sample of our challenges and your generous donation will help us implement solid solutions.

Thank you for your generous contributions.

Andy Carter
President and CEO

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