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VNAA Member Value Plan (MVP)

Savings plan designed for VNAA members to offer choice, solutions, and most importantly, significant savings on supplies, services and equipment.

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As a valued member of VNAA, your agency is committed to providing community-based home healthcare, hospice, and health promotion services that ensures quality care for your communities. VNAA doesn't merely understand your commitment; we make it our mission to support you in the execution of this commitment.

What is the VNAA MVP?
VNAA MVP is a Group Purchasing Organization designed for nonprofit providers of home healthcare and hospice services that are also members of the VNAA so that they can save money on the supplies, services and equipment they purchase. VNAA MVP is the result of an Affiliation Agreement between VNAA and MedAssets.

Why was VNAA MVP Developed?
VNAA understands that your budgets are under pressure from all sides, and that many of you have had to reduce services or staff. These cutbacks impact your ability to provide the care you have promised your communities, so it is for this reason we have created VNAA MVP: To allow our members to continue providing quality care in a way and place people choose, regardless of ability to pay.

What Does VNAA MVP offers VNAA Members:?
It offers VNAA members choice, solutions, and most importantly, significant savings when it comes to purchasing medical, hospice, infusion, and office supplies, pharmacy and food services, and capital equipment. Through VNAA's affiliation with MedAssets, a supply chain solutions company that negotiates contracts on behalf of its members, VNAA MVP can offer members cost savings through collective buying power.

    • VNAA MVP will increase the value of your VNAA membership by offering your agency direct access to substantial savings.  
    • VNAA MVP will offer considerable savings on your purchases because of the large VNAA member buying pool and MedAssets' expertise in negotiating vendor contracts.
    • By virtue of its ability to leverage a collective buying pool of more than 160 member agencies VNAA is now a MedAssets affiliate. The strength of MedAssets comes from serving more than 180 health systems, 4,000 hospitals and 75,000 non-acute healthcare providers.
    • VNAA MVP offers VNAA members access to over 400 healthcare related vendors, suppliers and service providers representing the full spectrum of procurement needs.
      • Comprehensive medical supplies
        • Home care
        • Hospice
        • Pharmacy
        • Infusion
      • Office supplies, services and equipment
      • Food services
      • Capital equipment
      • And so much more...

Can I keep using my favorite distributor/supplier/vendor?
Yes, it should be business as usual after enrolling the first time. The chances are very good that you will be able to continue doing business with your favorite vendors, distributors and suppliers, as long as your are satisfied with their customer service. Some vendors do not do business with MedAssets but with MedAssets having contracts with over 400 individual health care related vendors, most manufacturers that you presently do business with should be represented.

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