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Before Joining MVP



Administrative Questions


After Joining

Before Joining

What is a GPO?
A group purchasing organization (or GPO) is an entity created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses (members) to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO members.

What is MedAssets?
MedAssets is a GPO. MedAssets' comprehensive financial performance solutions include industry-leading solutions for healthcare supply chain management and healthcare revenue cycle management. Their solutions are proven to improve a healthcare provider's operating margins and cash flow, delivering the potential to increase net patient revenue by 1-3 percent and decrease supply chain expenses by 3-10 percent. MedAssets helps healthcare providers find cash from existing operations and improve margins so they can continue to serve the community. VNAA has signed an Affiliation Agreement with MedAssets so that VNAA members can take advantage of these savings.

Which products and services are available through VNAA MVP?
VNAA members have access to thousands of different supplies and services in the following areas:

• Medical Supplies and Services
• Food Services
• Pharmacy Services
• Housekeeping Supplies, Services and Equipment
• Capital Equipment
• Hospice Supplies and Services
• Infusion Supplies and Services
• And much more

For a full list showing each contract, contact Leah Dawson. You may also go to CDQuick and use the "Search" function by either vendor, item name or item number.

How much does it cost to participate in VNAA MVP?
Nothing. Your VNAA member dues are your ticket to participate in the VNAA MVP.

How much money can I save using VNAA MVP?
It all depends on the level at which your agency participates. Pricing is based on tiers. By completing a basic Letter of Participation, you are eligible for base, or access pricing (also called Tier 1.) Should you choose to commit to buying more from any particular vendor, the pricing will get lower and your savings will increase. Pricing tiers are based on either the dollar amount spent, or the percentage of supplies you buy through that contract.

Do I have to commit to anything to realize savings from VNAA MVP?
You do not have to commit to anything to receive Tier 1 pricing, which you receive when you sign the General Portfolio Participation Agreement. However, you will have the option to commit to buying more from any particular vendor and in that situation, the pricing will get lower and your savings will increase. Pricing tiers are based on either the dollar amount spent, or the percentage of supplies you buy through that contract. For more information, contact us.

Can I participate in any other GPO as well?
Yes. Participating in VNAA MVP does not preclude any VNAA member from participating in any other GPOs. However, you should check with your current distributor(s) to make sure that they have the ability to honor more than one GPO contract per customer.

What if I'm already a MedAssets member, can I switch to VNAA MVP?
It depends on the entity you are associated with that has signed the current MedAssets Affiliation Agreement. If you are part of a hospital system or other large provider network, chances are that you are already receiving the savings VNAA MVP offers. Please contact Leah Dawson to discuss this situation.

When can I start participating in VNAA MVP?
You can enroll to participate in VNAA MVP at any time.

Can I opt-out of VNAA MVP?
Yes, you can. The agreements are automatically renewed at the 12-month anniversary unless termination notice is given no less than 90 days from the anniversary date. Since the agreement does not commit you to purchase anything, you will not be in violation of the agreement should you not utilize it.

Do I have to participate in VNAA MVP?
No, participating in VNAA MVP is voluntary.

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Administrative Questions

What is a General Portfolio Participation Agreement (GPPA)?
The GPPA is a contract that each VNAA member will need to sign in order to participate in VNAA MVP. It will also allow VNAA staff to share explicit pricing and cost savings data with your agency. By signing the GPPA the VNAA member is becoming a member of MedAssets. Signing the GPPA does not commit VNAA members to anything other than the terms of the agreement. This is not an exclusive contract, and you are not required to purchase anything under this contract.

Why do I have to sign this General Portfolio Participation Agreement (GPPA)?
The GPPA’s main purpose is to make your agency is a MedAssets participating Member and allows MedAssets inform vendors that your agency is eligible for savings. Further, due to disclosure issues, you will not be able to see any prices available through the program without a signed GPPA. Signing the GPPA requires no purchase commitment from you.

What is a Letter of Participation (LOP)?
A Letter of Participation is the document that will allow VNAA members to take advantage of the savings available through VNAA MVP. The General Portfolio Participation Agreement links VNAA members and MedAssets while the LOPlinks VNAA members with some, but not all, MedAssets vendors. Signing this Letter of Participation requires no purchase commitment from you. You can get help with LOPs through either your distributor or by contacting VNAA staff.

Why do I have to sign this Letter of Participation (LOP)?
It will not be possible for your agency to participate in VNAA MVP unless you sign the letter. The main purpose of the letter is to inform vendors that your agency is now participating in VNAA MVP and is therefore eligible for the savings provided by VNAA MVP. Signing this Letter of Participation requires no purchase commitment from you.

What is a Commitment Form, or Letter of Commitment (LOC)?
The Letter of Commitment form is a signed agreement between a vendor with whom MedAssets has a contract (e.g. Smith & Nephew or Covidien), and you, the Member. Without this letter, you will not be able to access greater savings above "Access" pricing, which is quite good. Typically such a commitment will require committing to either a dollar amount, or more likely, a commitment to purchasing a certain percentage of that type of supply. Logically, the more you commit to purchasing, the better the price of that item will be. The LOCs are typically located on CDQuick under the description of each contract. It will most likely be easier for you to ask your distributor or local manufacturer's representative for assistance with LOCs. You can also contact VNAA staff for assistance with LOCs.

Why do I have to sign this Letter of Commitment (LOC)?
You do not have to sign any Letter of Commitment. Many vendors only require the Letter of Participation for you to receive base, or "Access", pricing which is quite good. However, by signing a Letter of Commitment with a vendor, you are opening your agency to greater savings on those items.

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After Joining

Will I be able to continue tracking my agency's spending?
Yes, since you are most likely tracking this information through your current distributor, you will be able to continue to track spending for your facility as well as other owned facilities in this manner, nothing will change.

Can I keep using my favorite distributor/supplier/vendor?
The chances are very good that you will be able to continue doing business with your favorite vendors, distributors and suppliers. It does depend on whether or not your vendor does business with MedAssets. Since MedAssets has contracts with over 400 individual health care related vendors, most manufacturers that you presently do business with should be represented. 

What if a vendor or distributor that I use does not participate in this plan?
You can continue to use that vendor and still participate in MVP or invite them to join by referring them to MedAssets.

How are non-medical supplies distributed?
It depends on the vendor, but the vast majority of non-medical supplies, such as office supplies, are distributed directly from the vendor. For example, if your agency orders under the Staples contract, orders are fulfilled directly by Staples.

When will I have access to CDQuick?
After the General Portfolio Participation Agreement has been processed by MedAssets, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register to use CDQuick; each computer that uses CDQuick will have to be registered separately. 

What is an Administrative Fee?
In exchange for promoting products and bringing more customers to them, vendors will pay a GPO a percentage of their sales. Federal Safe Harbor laws prohibit GPOs from earning fees in excess of three percent (3%). Should a contract reward a GPO with administrative fees higher than this amount, that GPO must inform all of its members of such an arrangement.

In the case of MVP, VNAA and MedAssets have agreed to split the administrative fees paid by the vendors. This is good news for VNAA members since that revenue can be used to reduce VNAA membership dues while allowing VNAA to provide members with a more robust savings program.

If I have problems with a vendor, who do I contact?
We recommend that you contact that vendor directly or work through that vendor's local representative. However, please feel free to contact VNAA's Member Relations Manager Leah Dawson.

If I need help figuring out prices, who do I call?
Contact your local distributor representative or local manufacturer's representative. You can also contact VNAA.

Who is the main point of contact at VNAA that I can call with questions?
Call Leah Dawson. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or 202-384-1457. Leah can help you with:

  • Getting you set up to use VNAA MVP
  • Explaining the various documents needed to sign up and when you need to complete them
  • Compare prices for you
  • Help you navigate CDQuick
  • Resolve issues between you and vendors or MedAssets

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