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listserv is an Affiliate Members Only email list of people interested in a certain topic or specific area of concern. Listservs are a wonderful way of facilitating online discussions and making connections with your colleagues throughout the country. Anything sent to a listserv address will go to all subscribers. This is the best way to get an immediate answer to a question you may have by asking the other members.

Members who are on listservs can also get information on:

Sending Messages
Replying to Messages
Changing Settings
Listserv Tips


Interest Groups

An interest group is a collection of administrators or staff from Affiliate Members who meet regularly via teleconference to discuss issues specific to their interest group topic. The topical issues change every month; these teleconferences are a great way to get in-depth information and fresh insights from other VNAA Affiliate Members.

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General Membership

This listserv is for all VNAA Affiliate members to share knowledge and exchange ideas on a variety of topics that affect their agency and the home healthcare field, and that don’t fit into any of the other topical listservs. This is an excellent venue to share best practices and ask questions of your peers. 

Business Development and Marketing

This is a network of business development, community relations, and marketing personnel from member VNAs and Hospices agencies who are interested in sharing ideas on topics such as: aligning sales and clinical teams and selling specialty programs. This group has a listserv and also meets bi-monthly via teleconference. Join the Group. 

CEO Listserv

VNAA’s CEO Listserv is open to any member CEO. The purpose of the CEO Listserv is to help member CEO's share ideas and concerns as well as solutions that are working in their VNAs, Hospices and communities. 

Clinical-Quality Initiatives (QI)

The purpose of the Clinical-QI listserv is to encourage and facilitate communication and information exchange among the Clinical-QI community. With the advent of the VNAA Chronic Care Clearinghouse. VNAA developed this forum to allow clinicians to share ideas regarding "best practices" and ask questions of their peers across the country.  Join the Listserv.

Affiliated Agency 

This listserv is for homecare and hospice agencies that are affiliated with or are part of a hospital, health system or other entity. Common discussion topics include providing value to the system, maintaining healthy relationships with partners throughout the hospital or system, working well with administration and more. This is an outstanding forum for seeking guidance from your peers, discussing current trends and sharing successes. Join the Listserv.

Financial Managers Group (FMG)

The FMG is a forum for member CFOs, Finance VPs, controllers and financial managers to exchange ideas and jointly research and discuss the issues relevant to managing external revenue sources and internal financial management functions at a Visiting Nurse Agency or Hospice Agency. The FMG has a listserv and also meets bi-monthly via teleconference. Join the GroupJoin the Listserv. 


This listserv was created for encouraging and facilitating information sharing among VNAA members interested in hospice care. It also allows VNAA to communicate hospice updates directly to participating VNA staff. Join the GroupJoin the Listserv.


This listserv is for the purpose of communicating with other VNAA members that have an interest in immunization programs like flu, pneumonia, hepatitis, travel health, etc. Share ideas and ask for suggestions to make your immunization programs even stronger! This group also meets occasionally via teleconference, usually during pre-booking periods for flu vaccine, and during the beginning of the flu season. Join the Listserv.

Listserv Instructions

Send a Message

To send a message to your fellow listserv members to seek advice or share information:
  1. Open your e-mail program
  2. Open a new blank e-mail message
  3. Insert the Listserv e-mail address in your "to" field:
    1. General Membership: [email protected]
    2. Business Development: [email protected]
    3. CEO List: [email protected]
    4. Clinical QI: [email protected]
    5. Affiliated Agencies: [email protected]
    6. Financial Managers Group: [email protected]
    7. Hospice: [email protected]
    8. Immunization: [email protected]
  4. Enter your information in the body of the e-mail
  5. Be sure to include a relevant Subject
  6. Hit Send - Your message will be delivered to all members of the listserv
Please add the listserv e-mail address to your e-mail safe senders list to ensure these e-mails do not get caught in your Spam filter. Any message posted on the listserv will go to ALL members on this particular listserv. Before posting or hitting reply, ask yourself, "Is this relevant for everyone on the list?" If not, consider sending it to the individual member(s) directly. Back to top.

Reply to a Message

Upon receiving a message from a fellow listserv member, you have several options for replying.
  1. Replying to All: Hit reply and e-mail address should appear in your "to" field. Enter your message. Upon hitting send, your message will be sent to all members on this specific listserv.
  2. Replying to Only Sender: Open a new blank e-mail, then copy and paste the senders e-mail address in the "to" field and directly respond to only them. The listserv e-mail address should not appear in the "to" field.
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Changing Personal Listserv Settings:

To update your profile information or change the frequency of mail you receive:
  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your e-mail address associated with your listserv account and select log-in. You DO NOT need a password.
  3. Select the listserv you wish to update.
  4. Select "My Account" on the left hand side.
  5. Update your e-mail address, your name or membership type.
  6. Membership Type - allows you to change the frequency of e-mails received (i.e., each time they are sent, daily digest, weekly digest).
  7. Select "Save Changes."
If you are on more than one listserv and want to change your personal settings for all lists:
  1. In the top right corner of your screen, select the "Current Forum" listserv name (i.e., vnaamembers). This will redirect you to the home screen where all your listservs are displayed.
  2. Select the listserv that you want to makes changes to and follow Steps 3-5 above.
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Tips For Sending Listserv Messages:

  1. Listservs are a VNAA benefit only for VNAA Affiliate Members. This means that you may freely express your concerns, pose questions or request feedback from your fellow VNAs and HHAs without fear that outside parties, vendors or preferred partners may read your posting.
  2. Identify yourself. To allow members to respond to your messages individually, sign all your messages with at least your name and e-mail address in the body of the e-mail.
  3. Keep messages succinct and relevant.
  4. Use descriptive subject headings. "Who has a medication assessment tool they can share?" is much more specific than "help needed".
  5. Use lower case characters. Upper case is reserved for SHOUTING!
  6. Give full credit to sources.
  7. Avoid insignificant messages. Try NOT to send messages without relevant content. It can be frustrating to find your e-mail inbox full of replies such as "I agree!" or "Me too!"
  8. Don't send large attachments to the entire group. Instead, describe the attachment ("I have a Power Point presentation..."), and have individuals who are interested contact you directly.
  9. Avoid heated language. Be polite and if you disagree with someone, please do so respectfully.
  10. Don't post forwarded messages unless you know the source. Messages originating from an unknown source may contain viruses.
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There are two ways to unsubscribe from the listservs:

E-mail Messages: Each listserv message should contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Click on the link to unsubscribe from the listserv. (You will need to repeat this step for each listserv you want to unsubscribe from).

Web Portal 
  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your e-mail address and select log-in. You DO NOT need a password
  3. Next to each listserv is an unsubscribe option - select unsubscribe.
  4. Repeat these steps for each listserv you want to unsubscribe from. 
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