CHAMP participants will be required to complete a 10-month online E-Learning course that covers both a major clinical topic (Medication Management) and a major management topic (Managing for Quality).

I. Medication Management Content:
Medication management for older patients is a core aspect of home healthcare. It encompasses a set of issues ranging from appropriateness of medications to adequacy of nurse review to assessment of barriers to medication adherence and facilitation of patients ability to take their prescribed medications. The curriculum will address key issues on medication management, such as:

  • Medication reconciliation
  • Medication errors and adverse drug events
  • Inappropriate use
  • Unnecessary medication
  • Polypharmacy
  • Non-adherence
  • Unmet need for new or additional medication

II. Managing for Quality Content:
The CHAMP curriculum will also address managing and teaching for improvement. Many homecare agencies focused on quality are beginning to ask frontline managers to increase their clinical oversight, requiring managers to play a key role in promoting quality improvement and strengthening best practices among staff. This requires that they support nurses in the implementation, measurement and integration of proven interventions into daily patient care.

However, home healthcare managers are generally recruited from the ranks of field nurses and rarely have had the opportunity to receive management or QI training. The CHAMP course will strengthen frontline managers' knowledge and skills in two key areas necessary for improving geriatric care:

  • Team building, communication, and collaboration
  • Practice-based learning, measurement and change