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As inpatient care becomes the exception rather than the rule, home and outpatient settings are now the primary way Americans receive health care.   Home health care is now highly skilled and technical to accommodate high-acuity level patients discharged early from the hospital.

Home health care services are needed by people of all ages, in cities and rural areas, without regard to income or socio-economic levels:

  • Older Americans who have health problems, but who want to maintain their independence in their homes, with the support of a professional caregiver
  • Middle-aged Americans - the baby boomers or "sandwich generation" - who want their parents to have quality care at home
  • Patients of all ages, who are going home after surgery, or being discharged after only a few days and sent home with complex treatments, medical equipment and medications to family members who have no idea what to do
  • Mothers and newborns, home after 24 or 48 hours, in need of the education, support and clinical assessment skills of a trained nurse
  • Young adults, recovering from accidents or injuries, who can manage on their own - if they know an experienced health care worker will be there when needed
  • Mentally ill adults who have been deinstitutionalized and need support to remain in the mainstream into which they have been thrust
  • And millions of Americans with chronic diseases and disabilities, like Alzheimer's, heart failure, kidney disease, or diabetes, who need careful monitoring but do not want or need to enter a nursing home or skilled care facility.

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