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  • VNAA is a national organization of non-profit, free standing, Medicare certified home health agencies.
  • VNAA is a forum for home health care professionals to exchange and develop professional expertise for improving home health care.
  • VNAA is an alliance of agencies organized at the national level to preserve the role of its members in the competitive marketplace.
  • VNAA is a network to identify and provide access to community resources for members & clients.
  • VNAA is a support organization for promoting and strengthening local, regional and state members involved in home health care delivery.
  • VNAA is a national imaging and communication network.
  • VNAA is a unified voice to articulate the common concerns of Visiting Nurse agencies (VNAs).


  • Participation in National Public Imaging for VNAs to increase community awareness of home health care.
  • Partnerships with national corporations to promote VNA services and business opportunities.
  • Participation in our Group Purchasing Organization to remain cost efficient.
  • Free web-site linkage through VNAA National Web-Site to promote caregiver resources.
  • Networking with other VNAs through our publications, workshops and "Members Only" Web-Site.
  • Participation in a national managed care network.
  • Access to Government Affairs information and programs as they relate to home health care.
  • Attend VNAA "member only" educational workshops or obtain educational materials at reduced rates.
  • Ability to serve on the VNAA Board, committees, or task forces to influence the future direction of the VNA home care industry.


  • An organization may request membership in the corporation at any time.
  • Proof that the applicant meets the requirements for the membership level they have applied for must be provided in writing to VNAA.
  • Notice of the applicant’s request for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Membership Committee at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the vote will be taken.
  • A negative vote by three (3) Membership Committee members in good standing, present and voting or those whose written vote has been received by VNAA staff at least three (3) days prior to the date the vote is taken, is required to defeat an applicant’s request for membership status.
  • The recommendation of membership shall be submitted at the next Board meeting.
  • A negative vote by three (3) members of the Board requires that the application be sent back to the committee for review.
  • An applicant receiving a negative response to a request for affiliate status may reapply whenever applicant so desires.

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